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Nature Connection Workshops


Group Workshops

Our Nature Connection workshops provide groups with a fulfilling and healing experience which benefits individuals, communities and the natural world. Each workshop uses the NatureWell Approach which supports the group to engage with nature through the Five Pathways of Connection, Beauty, Emotion, Compassion & Meaning. Having a shared experience with others in the group gives participants a chance to share ideas, learn from each other and make meaningful connections with other people and the natural world in a fun, relaxing and healing way. 

Participants are also encouraged to explore ways in which they can contribute to supporting and protecting nature spaces in their communities so that the relationship they develop with nature is reciprocal and benefits both human and more than human beings. This ongoing relationship furthers the benefits to health and wellbeing, creating a sense of inclusivity and community with all of life.

Friends Camping in Woods

These workshops are suitable for groups of between 6 and 12 people and are available for community groups, work place groups or groups referred by health care providers.


Please get in touch for more information about how our workshops can be tailored to groups specific needs and budget.

Nature Connection Sessions for Individuals

Picking Broccoli 2

In these sessions we use the NatureWell Approach to help individuals connect to nature for their health and wellbeing. This gentle approach is suitable for most people who desire a more meaningful and intimate relationship with the natural world and provides participants with activities and skills they can use in their everyday lives. This approach is proven to help support and maintain wellbeing for those that partake and in turn this supports people to care more for the natural world they feel held and healed by.

The NatureWell Approach

NatureWell is an integrative nature and health approach developed by Natural Academy. It is designed to support people and communities to connect to nature for their health and wellbeing. It can help local groups connect to natural spaces and supports those who are living with challenges to their health and wellbeing such as physical illness, work related stress and mental health related issues.

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